Washington is the #1 producer of apples, pears, and sweet cherries. Approximately 68% of U.S. apple production comes from Washington, which means about 6.7 billion pounds are grown here every year. The 1820s marked the planting of Washington’s first apple orchard and now, there are over 175,000 acres of orchards across the state. Tree fruit historically has been a huge part of the economy in Washington State and continues to remain one of the top contributors to the state’s economy. This means that it is vital that tree fruit farmers protect their investments and livelihoods. We have offices across Central Washington to cater to the needs of tree fruit producers and provide personal interactions with our clients. With our accounting services, we’ve created long-lasting relationships in the fruit industry, so we know what the tree fruit industry is all about. Schedule an appointment with us today to talk about how we can protect your operation.

Did you know that Washington established the first grade standards for apples in 1915? This was eight years before the USDA introduced national grade standards in 1923!